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Camp Karabinalar

Brand: Camp Stok Kodu: D-Shape Quick Link
      691 10 mm - zinc plated steel..
KDV Hariç:234,38TL
Brand: Camp Stok Kodu: Daisy Chain
      250 dyneema - 22 kN ring: 5 kN..
KDV Hariç:140,63TL
Brand: Camp Stok Kodu: Express dyneema
      1282.10: 10 cm – 9,5 g 1282.15: 15 cm – 12 g 1282.20: 20 cm – 15 g 1283.60: 60 cm – 37 g 1283.120: 120 cm – 69 g 1283.240: 240 cm – 135 g 1265.60 - 8 mm 1265.120 - 8 mm Extenders made from Dyneema® webbing. Light weight, Dyneema® slings offer excellent durability: high tensile stre..
KDV Hariç:1.031,25TL
Brand: Camp Stok Kodu: Express Ring
      1040.65: 65 cm 1040.80: 80 cm 1040.120: 120 cm Polyamid – 22 kN..
KDV Hariç:56,25TL
Brand: Camp Stok Kodu: Gym Safe Express
      1148.03 11 cm - 264 g 1149.03 15 cm - 267 g 1154.03 20 cm - 270 g   Per sale di arrampicata. Composto da moschettone Gym Safe, maglia rapida ovale 10 mm e fettuccia...
KDV Hariç:206,25TL
Brand: Camp Stok Kodu: Hercules Bet Lock
      995 The most user friendly locking mechanism for Via Ferrata. Aluminium alloy for the main body and stainless steel for the back release lever. Avoids accidental opening...
KDV Hariç:178,13TL
Brand: Camp Stok Kodu: Alto Carico
      1133.03 Multipurpose carabiner with very high breaking strength. Screwgate...
KDV Hariç:121,88TL
Brand: Camp Stok Kodu: D Acciaio
      1877 Screw gate/Screw Bet lock 1T 1877.01 Bet Lock Twist Lock 2T 1877.02 Bet Lock Twist Lock Evolution 3T D-shaped carabiner manufactured in zinc carbon steel, these are extremely durable and strong...
KDV Hariç:65,63TL
Brand: Camp Stok Kodu: Delta Quick Link
      955 - zinc plated steel 991 - inox 8 mm 961 - zinc plated steel 992 - inox 10 mm..
KDV Hariç:65,63TL
Brand: Camp Stok Kodu: Explorer Bet Lock
      1138.03 Especially developed for adventure parks. Ergonomic, large gate opening (33 mm) to make it easier for beginners to use. The innovative double gate closure system dramatically improves safety and durability. Two actions: sliding locking gate down and pulling main gate back. Bet..
KDV Hariç:225,00TL
Brand: Camp Stok Kodu: Guide Bet Lock
      1309.03 coloured Multipurpose D-shaped carabiner. High gate-open strength. Bet Lock closures and secure screwgate...
KDV Hariç:112,50TL
Brand: Camp Stok Kodu: Gym Safe
      1270.03 Designed for indoor climbing. Bet Lock system, zinc plating to prevent rust, a threaded needle near the top of the carabiner eases replacement of the sling and prevents theft...
KDV Hariç:121,88TL
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